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You can receive Pays de Dole tourist brochures for free simply by completing the order form.

To receive a full range of tourist brochures and to explore the department, contact the Jura tourist board (Comité départemental du Tourisme du Jura)


To receive a full range of tourist brochures and to discover the region, contact the Franche Comté Tourist Board (Comité régional du Tourisme de Franche-Comté)

The leaflet “Let us take you on the trail of the Perched Cat”, is available free to download. The pamphlet contains details of a 2-hour discovery trail, taking in the city and its landmarks. A mobile site is also available:

Groups can take a guided tour at any time of year by booking through our Marketing service. Further information available in our online catalogue.

Individuals can visit the city with a tour guide in July and August only, with a different theme each day. The full programme is available in the “Events” section.

In July and August, the tourist information centre offers the opportunity to climb the bell-tower at various times during the week.  Simply call or email the Reception desk to reserve your places:

Outside the summer season, individuals wishing to climb the bell-tower can do so with family or friends (maximum 18 people per climb). Go to the reception desk at Dole city hall, present some identification and sign the waiver document provided. This document will allow you to collect the keys from the basilica vicarage.

Groups can climb the bell-tower, accompanied by a tour guide, throughout the year, by booking with our Marketing service.

The Swallow Train (Ligne des Hirondelles) is a regular and direct train line between Dole and Saint Claude. You can travel on this line throughout the year by booking your seats through the SNCF (the French national rail company).

In winter and summer, the tourist information centre offers an all-inclusive package which includes transport, commentary on the line, meal, guided tours and assistance. For further information, please refer to the leaflet “la Ligne des Hirondelles” (booking through the tourist information centre’s Marketing service).

You can book seats by telephoning the Point Info Spectacle on +33(0)3 63 36 7000 or you can reserve directly at the various points of sale (Cora, Géant, Ticketnet, Pays de Dole tourist information centre)

The tourist information centre does not provide information on accommodation vacancies. To book, please contact the establishments directly. You will find a full list in the “Accommodation” section.

Campervan parking is available at the “Commanderie” car park (Avenue de Lahr). However, this car park has no amenities for campervans. The Pasquier campsite (18 Chemin Thévenot, Dole) offers all the necessary amenities however, as does the service area near the “Aquaparc Isis” pool complex. Download the brochure “Camping-car en Franche-Comté” (Campervans in Franche-Comté) free of charge.

A leaflet about the cycle route in France-Comté (between Dole and Belfort) is available for free download.

Map number 5 “Bourgogne en vélo” (Dole – Chalon-sur-Saône – Digoin) is on sale at the tourist information centre at the price of €4.06 per map, as well as a pack of six maps (covering Nantes to Basel) for €12.

Some useful advice can be found on the following website:

The tourist information centre can assist you by contacting accommodation providers and restaurants, by announcing the details of your event on our website and by providing clients and exhibitors with our literature.

All this information is also available on our website in the Business and Conference Tourism section





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