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The Grand Dole hiking network consists of approximately 235km of hiking and mountain bike trails.


25 towns of the destination (CAGD - Communauté d'Agglomération du Grand Dole) are concerned by this network, each with a starting point materialized by a sign presenting 1 to 2 loops of hikes. The directional signage consisting of 140 posts at crossroads has been set up since the spring of 2019, with signposting for pedestrians and mountain bikes.

This network is connected to a set of existing or future hiking trails in neighboring areas (Community of Communes of Val d'Amour, Plaine Jurassienne and Community of Communes Jura Nord).



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The destination is also crossed by various major routes:

  • The Jura escapade, the GR 59A and the Jura du Grand Huit (equestrian) from Dole to Arc et Senans and the Haut Jura, 7km.
  • Routes of Santiago de Compostela between Moissey and Sampans with a variant by Dole - Abergement la Ronce, 40kms.
  • Path of the Cluniac sites: The chapel of Saint Jerome is one of the sites present on the paths of the Cluniac sites.



Walking tours

8 walking tours to discover Dole and the area.



Jura's region uses the internet portal "Suricate" to keep an eye on the network of hiking routes and Nature Sports sites. The new version developed by the Pôle Ressources National des Sports de Nature is online: https://sentinelles.sportsdenature.fr/. It allows all hikers to report a problem on an itinerary.


Le Grand Tour du Mont Roland

On the heights of Dole, enjoy the nature around by alternating forest trails and meadows!

5,6km - 2:00

L'Homme et la Loue

The presence of the water, the forest, the diversity of the landscapes and the richness of the natural heritage make the Val d'Amour a remarkable tourist place.

4,3km - 2:00

L'Ile du Girard

A natural and preserved site the Pays de Dole.

2km - 1:30


La Corne des Epissiers

Departing from Dole in a small animal park, this tour on the edge of the forest will make you discover the wetlands and beautiful landscapes from the viewpoint.

2,5km - 45min


Discovering the confluence of the Doubs and the Loue rivers.

4,3km - 2:00

Le sentier des sources

Departure from Falletans, to the discovery of the oldest oak of the Forêt de Chaux.

5,5km - 2:00


Le Moulin de Vaux

Discover the village of Gredisans, and its 17th century chapel , its fountain and its mysterious "croies pattées".

7.8km - 2:15

Autour de la Croix Boyon

Rediscover the rural heritage of two villages at the foot of the Serre massif: Archelange and Gredisans.

10km - 2:45


Moutain bike tour

Les trois monts

"Les trois Monts" moutain bike tours.

18.6km - 2:00



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